International Association of Circadian Health Clinics

A working group has recently been established to develop an International Association of Circadian Health Clinics

Vision Statement

To improve health through the development, assessment, and implementation of evidence based, personalised care for patients with any condition or disease of the circadian system, or associated with disruption of the circadian system.

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Mission Statement

Our organisation will bring together clinicians, educators and researchers in the fields of circadian science, biological rhythms and sleep medicine to:

  • Coordinate member centres to create shared resources, develop clinical and research protocols and improve information sharing
  • Expand the areas for clinical application of circadian science
  • Develop and assess new tools for screening and treating patients with circadian disorders
  • Develop guidelines for evaluation and treatment of circadian disorders
  • Educate health professionals, patients, and when appropriate, public at large about circadian health
  • Suggest funding priorities to accelerate the discovery, testing, and implementation of new tools for evaluation and treatment